Monday, July 20, 2015


Hi.  I wanted to start a journal about my gardening experiences.  I got a notebook for that purpose and then felt I needed more than that.  I want to remember the things I plant, the mistakes I make, and the way things change in my yard.  I needed an easy way to show that process through pictures.  So here I am blogging about the adventures in my yard.  I named the blog "My Yard is my Playground" because I feel that way.  I feel great joy and happiness planting and gardening.  But also we bought out house with the intention of making our yard a place our children would want to be and a place we could entertain.

To introduce myself.  I am Laura.  I love buying plants, gardening, taking pictures, hiking, biking, running, painting, taking piano lessons and watching my children grow.  I have three kids and a cat that keep me busy and a husband who sometimes works far too many hours. I hate laundry and cooking and really like a clean house, but find the process never-ending and awful. 

When we bought our home the 1/2 acre yard was a weed filled blank slate. It's been fun transforming it. 

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